The great advantage of living in a free competition market is that consumers benefit from it. In the insurance business there is fierce competition to bring in more customers. As the population (the market) is not growing, it is best to get customers to the competition. How to do, then, to negotiate your life insurance and save money on it? What are your “negotiating weapons”? Making use of new customer status Unfortunately, many companies invest more in attracting new customers than in taking care of the ones they already have. This situation occurs in several sectors, where we only get better conditions when we threatenRead More →

Banks exist to make money. This is a truth so simple, but so often forgotten. It is a mistake to assume that the bank is there to help us. They may even say yes, but that is not their mission. When we want to buy a house it is difficult to imagine another hypothesis that does not go through the use of credit. There are several Portuguese, whose only credit they have is housing credit. Faced with this need for financing, banks will seek to seize the opportunity to cross-sell. That is, at the time of contracting Housing Credit will sell, simultaneously, a series ofRead More →

The year 2014 is not over yet, but it is already known that more cars were sold than last year. According to data from the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP), until the end of September, the Portuguese bought 107,391 thousand light vehicles, 1,479 more than in 2013. Read the text 10 tips to save on transportation Given that most people do not have the financial margin to pay for a car ready, in most cases it is necessary to resort to financing for the purchase of this good. As a rule, there are three hypotheses on the table: car loans, leasing and ALD. Briefly, ifRead More →

All insurance companies take into account some information in calculating the auto insurance value. I’ll give you guys a little more information about this process to understand how it works. • The main it is the information requested in a quote form to deal with customer profile is the same history is exemplary is already involved in accidents that are making or not your insurance get cheap. Furthermore insurers consider other important issues such as women, cadadas and older people tend to be more cautious behind the wheel so pay cheaper than singles. • In addition to customer data the search insurance information on theRead More →

Take out insurance only by the factor of being cheaper is not always a good deal since it does not have the necessary protection for your car which import actually when hiring a safe says experts are checking the coverage and services included with the policy, by outo side insurance offers services that do not necessarily need but many hire only to have them. Check below some essential tips for not paying more or less on your insurance:_Survey of how insurers are evaluating the characteristics of the vehicle profile and what types of coverage offered, do simulations of the value of the policy. _Insurers youRead More →

Car insurance often get more expensive because it is related to the risk that the insured runs which places often asks pass often, what car model and what is its profile as a driver this way is that the insurer can be strict to make the check the vehicle with this it will determine how much will be charged to your car. Search is essential because there are several measures simple that can be cheap for your pocket, but not hire that insurance that offers several advantages and that you think will ease your pocket even with all the care wary do research on theRead More →

Car insurance is something we can not ignore however many still have questions on how to find the best insurance rates and how to run the fraquia.vamos go there gives you importantisimas tips to save time to make the price and find the best covers for your véiculo.são result in the following: 1.Search and report on insurance brokers because them find advantages in other place not find such as faster service, the best price conditions besides offering more security. 2.procure those brokers with experience in the market and avoid making safe on the internet that have websites that calculate and automatically simulations without seeing theRead More →

Car insurance is a necessary thing, but many do not know and in addition has many doubts as to choose the best insurance and what it means franchise between outras.desta form will present a few tips you can hire and economically safe and correctly pointing out that there are several factors on the price of insurance coverage and now meet some of them. • Tell the broker you want a secure these brokers has more advantages because it has the best possible prices, fast service and insurance. • Make insurance prices simulations because depend on the model insurance is cheaper see what the amount paidRead More →

Make insurance quote is very important because there is several hiring stages of service but you need to have all the patience to search and find what is the best insurance for you because who does not want an insurance that the entire assistance when you need only paying little for the service but to get all that you need to make a good quote. Thinking about that separated some tips for you to have a car insurance with all safety and security. Are the following: 1.pesquisa in two or more insurers it will not be very advantageous to you to do business with theRead More →

Car insurance is very important but few people have or do not know how to get the best insurance for this reason I will give you guys 5 important tips that is necessary to know when looking for an insurance company before is good you become aware that there is several factors that influence the coverage and the value of the policy. • Find out about the insurance broker as some companies posssui advantages with the best price conditions a call fast addition is safer, but of course it’s good you check and do research on the value that the market is offering. • TheRead More →